Flicker Alliance is your resource for a flicker-free life.

Many LED products in the market today flicker, whether visibly or invisibly, and cause adverse health effects, including epileptic seizures, aggravation of autistic behaviors, migraines, headaches, eye strain, and more.

Flicker Alliance exists to assist individuals who are sensitive to flicker and organizations who employ or cater to these individuals. We help you in finding products that are flicker-free as well as in identifying products that do flicker and should be avoided. To learn more about flicker and its negative health effects, click here.

While this project is new and the work of one person, the information available on this website so far is limited, but will be growing continuously. "We" started out with regular household light bulbs and have tested more than 100 different types to date.

To find flicker-free light bulbs that we have identified, click here. To see all light bulbs we have tested, click here. When you click on each of the products, you will see their measurement data.

To purchase your own flicker tester, click here.

If you would like to request a specific product to be tested or if you would like to contact us for another reason, please get in touch here.

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