Collection: Flicker-Free Light Bulbs

We have tested each light bulb in this category and are only including light bulbs with a flicker grade of A and B. A flicker grade of A means that the light bulb is genuinely flicker-free. A flicker grade of B means that a light bulb exhibits a minimal amount of flicker that is generally not perceptible by humans.

Please be careful when selecting a light bulb to purchase. We have found that even within the same product line of the same manufacturer, different models have vastly different flicker metrics. For example, a Soft White bulb may be flicker-free while a Daylight bulb may exhibit high-risk flicker. Or a 60W equivalent bulb may be flicker-free and a 100W equivalent bulb in the same product line may exhibit high-risk flicker.

The best way to ensure that the product you buy is actually flicker free is to use the purchase link provided in each product description or to compare the UPC barcode on the packaging to the one in the product listing.